About cgWerks

We make you awesome on the Web!

… and beyond. We provide a Web presence that goes far beyond the usual, ‘here’s your Website, have a nice day.’ (We see a websites as an ever evolving service, not a stagnant project.)  We help formulate your marketing strategy, design the site, implement the site on world-class hosting, manage the ongoing technical aspects, and assist with whatever administrative effort and content creation you may need.

We free up your time to focus on what you do best, whether that be the aspects of your business or organization that make it so special, and/or content creation for the website.

But, we don’t stop there.

A website is an organization’s modern communication hub with a whole world of potential customers – and likely even more important – existing customers and audience. We proactively look for ways your website could more effectively fill that role, whether that be an online store and order form, a customer portal, or feedback mechanisms which best fit your clientele.

We keep a vigilant eye on the industry, looking for opportunities to make your business or organization stand out and be found in in the ever-crowded Internet world. We also provide additional support for written copy, print media, computer graphic imagery, and audio/video content to extend and better communicate your message.

A bit about our history and focus.

cgWerks is a multidisciplinary design and consulting firm based in Victoria, BC (British Columbia), Canada. We’re specifically in the Colwood area, and previously served the Prince George area, as well as the Lower Mainland (Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, and Abbotsford).

Steve has been doing IS/IT related consulting since the early ’90s and has been doing web design since the mid-’90s – back when web-sites were hand-coded on the early public Internet.

In the late-’90s I started working with an industrial design firm, adding 3D computer graphic rendering and animation (often referred to as ‘cg’ … as in cgWerks), CAD (computer aided design, 2D and 3D), and 2D drafting to the skill-set. (1)In a way, this is going back to our roots, as Steve had initially considered drafting and architecture as a career back in high-school – back when drafting was done by hand, too. 🙂

Steve Wilkinson about page photoAlong the way, founder Steve Wilkinson worked for 6+ years at a Fortune 100 company in a Sr. IS/IT data-operations role, giving good insight into how large organizations function, as well as adding additional layers of knowledge to the mix.

This combination of experience is somewhat unique, and is the necessary mix required to create results that look good and function properly. We’re also not shy about partnering with talented people and organizations – locally or virtually – when an area of expertise goes beyond our capabilities or fails to match our client’s vision and taste. (2)Artistic taste varies, and we have no problem working with an artist you prefer. We also know that certain projects require technical, branding, or marketing skills beyond our capability.

But, what we believe really sets us apart, is our commitment to customer service and the relationship we build with our clients. Doing the right thing and giving you the right result are more important than making a quick buck and moving on to the next project. We would rather spend our time adding value to your business and helping you reach your goals.

This is why we crafted our offerings to be more like a SaaS (Software as a Service) product than the more typical, project-based handing over a website as a deliverable. (The latter is less stable and fulfilling for us, and often leaves you with more work and responsibility than you’d like, let alone a stagnant Internet presence.)

Services we provide.

cgWerks provides services in three main categories:

  • Internet web (website) design, which includes SEO (search engine optimization), social media/on-line marketing methods, and premium hosting.
  • 3D rendering & animation | CAD (Computer Aided Design/Drafting)
  • Technology consulting | IS/IT services (Information Systems / Information Technology)

We’re proactive in making suggestions which will improve your web site, image, or technology infrastructure. We’re not content just fixing broken stuff – that isn’t good for our souls, nor for your business prosperity.

About the blog. (and coming WebsiteMeetsWorld.com sub-site/podcast/YouTube videos)

Website Meets World (WebsiteMeetsWorld.com) is a blog / podcast / YouTube video series we’re currently working on which is going to, step by step, show you how to build – and more importantly – use a website to communicate with your customers and the world. We’re hoping to launch in 2018. Stay tuned!

‘Tech Eclectic’ is a blog originally existed as a sub-site of cgWerks – as the blog of owner Steve Wilkinson. It covers a variety of topics, with a focus on technology (new content will be more focused on Website design and technology), but often with a touch (or even a lot!) of opinion.

As the name implies though, it won’t be solely limited to our core business focus. Since we enjoy an eclectic range of interests roughly related to technology, you’ll probably find a fun, seemingly off-topic post here and there.

We hope you enjoy it, learn something, and don’t get too miffed if you disagree with our opinion or take on the subject. We integrated it, as many of the articles are relevant, while the others add flavor or history. We welcome your feedback in post comments (just keep it civil please).

Contact us.

If you would like to directly contact us, please visit our contact page.