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cgWerks no longer offers website design and hosting services. We will continue to create informational resources via our blog, YouTube, etc. Site-redesign to reflect this, coming soon.
Website design and marketing services for Victoria, Vancouver, and the world!

cgWerks provides Web design and online marketing services including: premium Website hosting, site maintenance, content management, marketing strategy (search engine optimization – SEO, social media – SMO/SSO, blog, podcast, etc.), and the planning needed to begin your Web presence or take it to the next level. Or, to put it more simply…

We make you awesome on the Web!

No matter the type of business or organization, you need to have an Internet presence. Even if your business is unrelated to technology or the Internet, having a Web presence is seen as a matter of customer service. It is also a simple matter of visibility – the Web is where people now look.(1)Did you know that 80% of potential customers will check out your Website (or note there isn’t one!)? And for ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals (the best kind!), over 50% will never end up talking to you, because they rule you out before they get that far. Guess why? Your online presence (or lack thereof). source And, it doesn’t matter if you are big or small, work locally or internationally, the Web is quickly becoming as localized in nature, as it is global. (2)Have you noticed how Web searches often return the businesses near you at the top? We provide services to businesses and organizations locally in Prince George, BC, Canada, but we also work with clients located around the world.

And, if you want to optimize your exposure and customer experience, it takes much more than ‘just a website.’ You have to manage social media (Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, podcasting, blogging, etc.) and decide how to integrate these into your website design and marketing strategy. (3)ex: According to John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire episode #501, there are now over 575 million active podcast subscribers, performing over 45 million searches per month for areas of interest to them. Such subscribers are essentially pre-qualified potential customers.(4)Google searches which have an associated YouTube video often appear above other top search results. Creating an strategy of integration between your website and social media is now crucial to success and creates incredible opportunity for business expansion or reaching a larger audience.

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