USD-CAD Exchange Rate And Website Sale

In Site News by Steve Wilkinson

From now until October 31st (2016), we’ll add 2 extra months to the annual website plan of new accounts. In addition, the current USD to CAD exchange rate presents a very favorable savings opportunity for USA (USD-based) clients.

Now that the kids are headed back to school, it’s time for many small businesses to ramp up on some new work. What better way to kick off the season than with bonus and potential savings opportunities on our website plans.

Website annual plan bonus

First, we’re offering a 2-month extension to our annual Maintenance level plan ($800/yr CAD | ~$582/yr USD), or Marketer level plan ($1200/yr CAD | ~$873/yr USD) until September 30, 2016 October 31st, 2016.(1)Note: While we’ve extended this deal from September 30th to October 31st, plan details and pricing will be changing in October. We’ll be offering more services in a high-end package, but overall pricing will be increasing. If you’d like to get current pricing, hurry.

This isn’t simply a hosting plan, but a comprehensive ‘website care package’ including world-class web hosting, 1 or 2 hours of support and enhancement each month, a bunch of advanced plugins (extensions) to your website, and even one of the world’s best, and possibly most flexible, WordPress themes.

Aside from the hosting and support time, these add-ons are worth an initial savings of up to $515 USD and an ongoing annual savings of up to $402 USD. And, don’t miss that the level of hosting we’re providing would cost you nearly $500 USD alone.

Of course it should go without saying that this includes our exceptional customer service, proactive engagement with your business goals, and business philosophy.

Hurry though, this sale ends September 30th October 31st, 2016. Contact us for more information or to get started.

CAD – USD exchange rate again near 11-year low

Much to my chagrin, the Canadian Dollar (CAD) has dropped to near an 11-year low in relation to the US Dollar (USD). I say this because many of the services I use to run this business are located in the United States, or bill in USD, raising my costs considerably.

But, if you are in the United States, or work in USD, you have an incredible opportunity to purchase services in Canada at a greatly reduced rate.

It doesn’t matter where you are located

While we’re located in the city of Prince George in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, we also work with companies far away. We use advanced software like and Skype to effectively communicate, give demonstrations, or provide training and support almost like you were next-door (in fact sometimes better, as you’re at your own familiar computer, as are we).

Unique website design service

We provide a unique type of service unusual in the website design industry. Maybe it would be better to call ourselves Web problem-solvers or Web strategists. We provide an end-to-end solution, which includes planning, strategy, marketing, design, and hosting with full on-going support. But what we’re really interested in is what you do with the site after it is up and running. It’s your online communication tool to the world, and we’re here to help you make the most of that. We bring our 25+ years of experience in IT consulting, Fortune 100 IS/IT, marketing, and design to create a comprehensive communications and business solution, not merely a website.

Start saving today

If you’re based in the United States, why not take advantage of the exchange rate, and save some serious money on your website. If you’re not, you can still take advantage of extending our normal 12-month plan to 14 months!

But, don’t do it just because of the savings. We’ll also provide you with some of the best service you’ll find anywhere on the planet!

Contact us for more information or to get started.