Premium Website Hosting

cgWerks no longer offers website design and hosting services. We will continue to create informational resources via our blog, YouTube, etc. Site-redesign to reflect this, coming soon.

When it comes to hosting important Websites, we’ve learned a lot through self-hosting WordPress sites for over a decade now – it’s best not to – unless you have substantial resources (both technical and monetary).

And by substantial, we mean enough money to pay for a dedicated server, or minimally a VPS (virtual private server), and high levels of technical expertise in a number of fields (such as hardware, Unix, WordPress, database, Internet and content distribution, security, traffic routing, data management, etc.).

Or, to put this in ‘plain speak,’ $50 to $100+ per/month and regular involvement of several people who should be making six-figures for their specific technical expertise.

No, we don’t have that either, so we went looking for a hosting provider who does. We think we’ve found one that is not only good, but the best, WP Engine. (Note: affiliate link) Sure, we still self-host some non-critical sites (quite successfully, in fact) and/or have sites running on less expensive hosting; it’s great for keeping our tech-chops up. But, anything important goes on professional managed hosting.

We call it premium hosting, because it delivers a LOT more than most hosting providers do. (1)In case you’re wondering, you DON’T get any of this stuff for those $3-10 mo deals. And, while it is premium, we think you’ll agree that many of the features should really be necessities. We care too much about your overall experience to put your nice website on sub-par hosting.

What makes Premium Website Hosting, premium?

About traffic overage charges

While most small business sites will fall within the included traffic, incurring no extra monthly charge, we want you to be well aware of our overage charges. For traffic over 25,000 ‘visits’ we will add $1 per 1000 additional ‘visits’ to your monthly invoice.  Please speak with us if you have concerns and we will do our best to help you estimate your total costs. (Note: this is NOT ‘pageviews’ or ‘hits’ which would be many times more. Please see the details below.)

Premium features and tools

We include a number of WordPress plugins that we find our customers commonly need. We purchase developer licenses for them, or purchase licenses in bulk, so we can include them with all of our client’s sites that need them. We continue to consider more additions, so check back as this list may change. (4)We also buy some other plugins in bulk (if a developers license is unavailable, and the plugin isn’t widely needed) and can provide our customers with a reduced price.

Features we plan to add in the future…(6)Will depend on licensing agreements being reached and customer needs. If what you have in mind is not included, we often have great recommendations for plugins which can be purchased directly.

  • Premium SEO (We already include and setup a standard version. This premium version would include more advanced features and training videos.)
  • Social Media extension (The SEO plugin we use includes much of this functionality. However, this would allow more in-depth customization of how content is formatted and shared with social media sites by site visitors.