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Apologetics Canada is a Christian apologetics ministry website. Apologetics Canada hosts multiple annual conferences (with thousands of attendees) across Canada and provides Christian apologetics training resources and speakers to churches and other venues.

The site has undergone a number of visual looks over the years, typically with a more ‘magazine’ style layout. Conference promotion and registration have been a big focus, with the addition of an e-commerce store featuring their video training materials, books, and conference audio/video. This online store involved SSL (so we went site-wide, improving Google ranking) and multiple payment gateways, including PayPal and direct on-site credit card processing. Amazon S3 was utilized for stable, efficient product storage and distribution.

Podcasts have been added to regular blog content updates. A LMS (learning management system) has been added which supports an accredited college-level apologetics training course. Advanced forms have been incorporated to facilitate speaker request (using our included Ninja Forms) among other types of information collection. Our included Google Maps plugin is being used for conference locations, hotel information, and training series customer-hosted events.

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