This project was a packaging concept visualization for Deitsch Design Group.  The rendering is of a food product in the Vito Taste line. The artwork and package concept were done by another in-house designer. I modeled the 3D bottle and package, first in Form*Z, and then later in the program that is now SharkCAD/ViaCAD (I don’t recall if it was an Ashlar or CSI product at the time). The artwork was then applied to the model and rendered in EIAS (Electric Image Animation System), now EIAS3D.

Unfortunately, the company closed due to the ‘Dotcom’ bubble/crash, so the store shelf and display renderings were never completed. This type of work was the primary reason I was hired. While I love architecture, this new area of 3D product visualization was an exciting new avenue of work and experience! (July 2001)

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