International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day 2015

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It’s now International Podcast Day here in Prince George, BC, Canada and has been well underway already in some parts of the world. Let’s celebrate this wonderful communication platform.

What is International Podcast Day?

A day to raise awareness about podcasting and podcasts, as well as celebrate within the podcasting community.

New to podcasts?

If you’re new to podcasts, now is a great time to learn about them. ***Warning*** Once you do, there may be no going back. 🙂 I hardly watch TV, listen to the radio or music anymore, as there is almost always a podcast I’d rather listen to.

No matter what your interests are, there is probably a podcast about it. And, if you do want to retain your connection to TV shows or music, there are probably podcasts which will enhance your knowledge or entertainment level around those interests as well.

A quick search via Apple’s iTunes or via the Podcast app on your iPhone (or iOS device) might be the best way to find one you like, but you can also usually find them via their website as well or via various apps on other platforms.

The nice thing about mobile devices and podcasts is that it makes it so easy to reclaim some time that is otherwise wasted or where you can effectively multi-task, like doing the dishes, the daily commute, or even some forms of work.

Already into Podcasts?

Well then use this day to reach out and introduce someone you know to the wonders of podcasts. Or, maybe reach out and thank one of your favorite podcasters. I’m sure they will appreciate it. Maybe add another podcast subscription to your collection.

Are you a podcaster?

It’s then a great day to celebrate and join in the community. Even if you still haven’t quite jumped in all the way (like me), this is quite a friendly group who can give you the remaining know-how, or help welcome you and encourage you to overcome any fears or hurdles in the way.

My podcasts?

I’d also like to announce that I’m planning to start two podcasts in the near future (late-2015 or early 2016), one on how to build and use websites at and the other, a Christian apologetics podcast at That should keep me more than plenty busy!

But, I’m also an avid podcast listener. I had thought about listing them all here until I realized the time it was going to take me to list and link 54 of them. Yes, I can hardly believe it myself…. I follow FIFTY-FOUR podcasts!

These range from about once per month to once per day episodes, with the average being weekly, and in length, from 1 minute to over 3 hours. Actually, several of them are 3-hours or more. Of course, I can’t listen to every episode, especially all the daily ones. But, I’m guessing I listen to about 80-90% of the episodes across them all.

I decided to pick out and highlight some of my favorites. And don’t forget to check out our article, Why Your Business Should Consider A Podcast.


The Audacity to Podcast w/ Daniel J. Lewis
School of Podcasting w/ Dave Jackson
Podcaster’s Roundtable w/ Ray Ortega and other hosts

Marketing / Entrepreneurial / Design

AskPat and Smart Passive Income w/ Pat Flynn
The UnPodcast w/ Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer
EOFire w/ John Lee Dumas
Kate’s Take w/ Kate Erickson
The $100 MBA Show w/ Omar Zenhom
Online Marketing and Communications Podcast w/ Jon Buscall
The Deep End Design w/ Wes McDowell, Mikelle Morrison, Nick Longo
The Boagworld Web Show w/ Paul Boag, Marcus Lillington


WordPress Weekly w/ Jeff Chandler, Marcus Couch
WordPress Plugins from A to Z w/ John Overall, Marcus Couch

Personal Improvement

The Art of Charm w/ Jordan Harbinger
ONE Extradorinaiy Marriage w/ Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo
The Anxiety Coaches Podcast w/ Kevin Davis, Kelli Walker
Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing w/ Mignon Fogarty

News & Politics

Congressional Dish w/ Jennifer Briney
No Agenda w/ Adam Curry, John C. Dvorak

Comptuers / Tech

MacNN Podcast w/ Charles Martin and other hosts

Health and Fitness

The Model Health Show w/ Shawn Stevenson

Christian Apologetics

Alpha and Omega Ministries w/ Dr. James White
Stand to Reason Weekly Audio w/ Greg Koukl
The Cold-Case Christianity Podcast w/ J. Warner Wallace
Unbelievable? w/ Justin Brierley
The White Horse Inn w/ Michael Horton Radio Show w/ various hosts
Apologetics Canada Podcast w/ Andy Steiger, Steve Kim

OK, I guess that list got pretty long after all! Many thanks to all of the above (and those I didn’t list), and be sure to check some of them out. Happy #PodcastDay  !!!