Apple laptops might get hot…. but…

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This week, I was a bit bummed about some issues Apple has been experiencing with their new MacBook Pro and MacBook models. It turns out that some manufacturing problems have lead to CPUs running hot (due to thermal paste application issues), and some problems with fan bearings. In one case, some plastic was left covering the back vents.

It became personal when I ran into the fan issue on the MacBook Pro that was issued to me at my job (YAY!). I ended up having to take it into the Apple Store to be repaired, and am currently awaiting its return. It’s not a big issue, mind you. Though, any day away from a new Mac can be quite traumatic (as any Mac user can attest).

However, I found that things could certainly be a lot worse. Sure, Apple has a problem now and then, but they are generally very good about fixing problems. And even with the problems, their products are still on par, or superior in quality to just about anything else on the market.

Case in point… I wonder how much press Dell will get compared to Apple on this one?

Flaming Dell

This photo is from the following article: (article no longer available)

The laptop was apparently set up at a conference table, when it ‘exploded’ into flames. Good thing it wasn’t on someone’s lap. Think about that the next time you’re sitting on the couch surfing the web! Yikes!

Now I’m certainly not saying that non-Apple laptops explode or burst in flames on a regular basis (not counting the Windows OS in a figurative sense, which happens VERY often). But, the types of issues Apple users tend to see are not uncommon at all with other higher end vendors, and very mild compared to the lower priced brands PC users are quick to refer to when comparing to Apple.

So, I’ll not complain too much about a bit of bearing noise in a fan… and a week away from the new little Mac… sniff, sniff. And even though Apple is getting quite a bit of press on ‘issues’ with their new laptop line… we just have to put it all into perspective.