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So, you recently purchased your dream phone/PDA/swiss-army-knife/mp3 gadget, and is it ever cool. You fire up iSync and let it rip. Then you start browsing your contacts and realize that it only brought over a portion of the information you have stored in Address Book.

What up?

Well, Apple’s iSync compatibility list is fairly ‘binary’ in the sense that it only really tells you that your device will ‘sync’ or not, and if it sync’s AB, iCal, To-Do, etc. But, it doesn’t really tell you WHAT fields in those programs sync, or how complete the data is.

So, I started thinking (actually being on a quest to get said new geeky device…): Wouldn’t it be great to have a list of devices and some rough map of what they sync? Sure, everyone doesn’t need every bit of info in their Address Book, but it would be nice to see if the primary things you need will be coming across in a sync.

I posted on the Apple Discussion Board, and got a lively thread going there. Many folks were quite interested in the idea. So, I threw a web page together to start the tracking. So, if you have such a device…. test it out and get the results to me. (no longer relevant)