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Apple 2007 teaser
Well, I guess it’s morning officially. In a few hours, Apple will be pulling the covers off whatever they have been teasing us about. The interesting thing is that I’m really not sure what to expect this year. In years past, I had been waiting on various products to be released…. especially on the computer front. This year, Apple already has the best computers on the market across the board. There really isn’t anything for them to do in that category. So, speculation seems to be that most of the announcements will be in the home theatre / phone category. I’m sure we’ll also see a bunch of nifty software released, as we usually do at January MacWorld. I’ll be roving the floor at the show later this week… maybe I’ll post some pics from it.

  • Robin Crabill

    I migrated to your blog from the Circus Ponies Notebook forum, where I ran across some posts of yours and learned that we live in the same town!

    I am very new to NoteBook but am just now trying it; bought it at MacWorld last month after deliberating for a few years. I do need an organizer of some sort, although as some have pointed out in the NoteBook forum, Spotlight has changed the ballgame a bit as far as finding “lost” items on your computer.

    But it seems like the good old outline format (it got me through many school papers, after all) will force some structure onto my “data soup” — the results of years of online searching (databases, internet, emails) — so that some of my longterm interests/”projects” actually get developed and see print.

    I also wouldn’t mind if my 7th grade son also took up NoteBook (he’s very computery anyway), since I’ve watched him write school projects and critiqued the results: he just sits down & cranks it out without any organization that I can see (I jokingly refer to this method as the “blathertron”, since it’s done on the computer).

    Maybe by now you have found your answer about the various citation manager software available. I have tried only EndNote, and finally bought it a year or so after using an ancient copy for years. I use it just as a database for info on articles & books, and still have never used it in conjunction with Word or done database searching using its interface. So I don’t have an answer for you on which program formats the best.

    You’re welcome to look at my EndNote manual or try the program if you’re interested. Just let me know —

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    Steve Wilkinson
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    Hehe… yes, I’d love to check it out too!

    Somewhat OT…. does anyone know which of the ‘citation’ apps might be best just to do the formatting of the citations themselves?

    At this point, I don’t really care how integrated it is to the word processor… and like others here, don’t really need the app to store all the documents, articles, etc.

    I just want an app to store and format the citation info for all the books and articles I use and research. I tend to use primarily Turabian, also APA, MLA, and I try to use actual footnotes when I am allowed to, but also would like it to do inline notes and bibliography formatting.

    I’ve tried to demo several of the products, but they are all overkill for this… and yet, don’t seem so great at this part which is critical to me. I agree, they seem more focused on document management, which I don’t really need. (Many also seem weak on the ‘footnote’ formating, and just do inline and bibliography well.)


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  • Hi Robin,

    Very true about Spotlight. I think this is how some of my ‘non-NoteBook’ friends keep organized. They just put everything in text files and search them with Spotlight. But, I really like NoteBook a lot. I use it daily…. pretty much all the time I’m at my computer actually.

    The things that really sold me on NoteBook were the way to-dos worked. I like that I can put to-dos on various project pages, and still see them all on the to-do index page. I put a tab to that page right at the bottom and flip there often. Using various keywords, due-dates, and priorities, you can keep pretty organized with it. The other thing was that the data-file is actually a ‘package’ folder structure. When you drag a file into NoteBook and it embeds, it really is just sitting in a folder… so I’m not too afraid I will be unable to get the file back out some day.

    I still have made no decisions on the citation software. I just haven’t had much time to evaluate them all enough to choose. One of these days I’ll get around to it. But, I still wish there were just some simple app that just did the formatting and conversion, and was easy to use.


  • Also… sorry about the delay in your response getting posted. I’ve been getting a lot of spam lately and have installed a spam blocker. For some reason the spam-blocker flagged your response. Luckily, I usually scan through them every few days… so I rescued it.