Pre-visualization of Domus home for PDG, Inc. Images were also used for marketing purposes. 3D models were created in Asher’s Vellum 3D, Solids, and Cobalt products at the time (which are now SharkCAD/ViaCAD). Rendering was done in Electric Image Animation System (now EIAS3D).

A completed photo of the actual home is included, along with a couple of ‘in construction’ shots. The components were factory built and then shipped and assembled on-site in under 48 hours!

The models that were used to generate these renderings were also used to create the 3D and 2D CAD drawings necessary for manufacturing the home and components. Be sure to see our CAD examples which show this in a bit more detail.

In addition to the CAD and 3D rendering knowledge I gained, I was also involved in the prototyping and factory setup aspects of the project. I was on the team that assembled the prototype home on the final site. Interesting aside: The home was assembled at the factory before being disassembled again and transported to the construction site. So, we actually built it twice. (late 1990’s)

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