lions tigers and bears

Tutorials, portfolios, and syncing, oh my!

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Please pardon the construction dust while we rebuild the cgWerks site. You might have ended up at this post because you were looking for something in our old 3D tutorials section, or because you want to see our portfolio. You might even be looking for our ancient ‘what syncs’ article, back before iOS appeared on the scene and Apple had a technology called iSync which did partial syncing from OSX to various mobile devices.

Well, in combining our old static web site (with tutorials) with this blog (previously a separate site), we ditched some of those old areas of the site. Never fear, they will eventually be back (well, except for that ancient syncing one). We’ll soon have a great new portfolio section and eventually get some of those old tutorials converted to blog articles… along with new ones. Again, we’re sorry for the inconvenience if that happens to be what you were looking for. Stay tuned for more to come.

Image credit: lions, tigers, and bears – oh my! by snarledskein