Gas mileage conversion chart: Canada & USA

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I have yet to get used to thinking in Liters/100km for gas mileage here in Canada. Miles per Gallon (MPG) is simply engrained in my head. Part of the problem is just the difference in units of liters and gallons. But, there is also the issue of one measuring distance on 1 gallon, while the other is measuring the quantity of fuel over a distance. To top it off, they run inverse of each other. (ex: a car that gets MORE MPG is better, but a car that uses LESS liters/100km is better.) Anyway, it threw my brain for a loop while I was car shopping several months back, so I looked around the Internet for a conversion calculator or chart. I could only find one for UK gallons (which I didn’t catch for a while, which REALLY confused me for a bit). Calculators weren’t very convenient while car shopping, so I decided to make a nice chart to take along.

If you are also struggling with this one way or the other, enjoy!

Liters/100km to MPG (US) Conversion Chart

Liters/100km to MPG (US) Conversion Chart

  • Mark

    What throws me for a loop is trying to figure out how, for instance, a Ford Focus is advertised at getting 59 mph (highway) on the Canadian web site, and only 42 mpg on the US web site.

    As for conversion from US to metric, 3.78 L = 1 US gallon…the conversion after that isn’t too difficult :-). So if a vehicle that gets 4.6 L/100 km, this would be 1.2 gallons /100 km, or about 1.2 gallons per 60 miles, which would calculate to about 50 mpg.